Download the entire Physics2000 CD for $10!

Don't use a DVD drive? Want the CD now? We're offering a secure download of both the Calculus based Physics2000 CD and the Non-Calculus based Physics2000 CD for the still amazing price $10. The format is a zip file. The only difference between these downloads and the physical CDs is that these do not include the Charges and MacScope applications which are already available as downloads on this site.

Calculus based Physics2000 CD   Non-Calculus based Physics2000 CD
New: Site Licenses Available

Site Licenses

For an even more affordable alternative, Physics2000 Calculus based, and Physics2000 Non-Calculus, may now be purchased as a site license for both High Schools andColleges. High School site licenses are a one time fee of $200. A one time College site license fee is $400.
Non-Calculus Physics2000

The entire Physics2000 text has
been re-written to cover the
same material with no Calculus
requirement. Working with
High School teachers we have
created a core text that balances
classical and modern Physics.


is a college level introductory physics course that begins with special relativity, ends with quantum mechanics, and in-between covers the usual topics with a 20th century focus. This approach eliminates the great divide between classical and modern physics. more...

the author

E. R. Huggins

has taught Physics at Dartmouth College since 1961. He was an undergraduate at MIT and got his Ph.D. at Caltech. His Ph.D. thesis under Richard Feynman was on aspects of quantum theory of gravity (download thesis) more...
the course
P2K bundle

The Physics2000 CD contains the complete introductory physics text with 20 movies, the complete Calculus2000 text, MacScope II with user manual, the Charges2000 voltage and field plotting program, and more for an astonishing price: $15

Printed versions of both the Calculus based and Non-Calculus based courses are available.


cool tools
MacScope CD image

MacScope II

is an audio software oscilloscope using the computer's 16 bit audio input to do signal averaging and Fourier analysis. more...

Charges2000 image


brings out the artist and the scientist with color and other controls in this field and voltage plotting program. more...
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