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E. R. Huggins Thesis "Quantum Mechanics of the Interaction of Gravity with Electrons: Theory of a Spin-Two Field Coupled to Energy" (46.4 MB pdf file)
California Institute of Technology June, 1962

MacScope Manual plus Teaching Fourier Analysis & Teaching the Uncertainty Principle
- Five articles on using MacScope and Fourier analysis in an introductory physics course.
Learn about MacScope

MacScope II Program

Note these applications are no longer supported and require older versions of Mac / Windows. However if you are adventurous you might try an emulator from the E-Maculation site:

The Charges Field and Voltage Plotting Program

Charges2000 Mac OS X
Use Sutffit Expander
Charges2000 Mac OS 8-9
Use Sutffit Expander
Charges2000 Windows 98
Self Extracting file

Tacoma Narrows Bridge Sample Movies


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