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P2K CDPhysics2000

For an even more affordable alternative, Physics2000 calculus based, and Physics2000 non calculus, may now be purchased as a site license for both High Schools and Universities. The site license allows school to make the entire contents of the Physics2000 plus Calculus or Physics2000 non-calculus CDs available as needed for students and teachers. The CDs contain full print quality textbooks, movies, applications (MacScope and Charges2000). Both site licenses include the Solutions CD for use by the teacher.

The license for a single school or campus allows:

Printing, by any means, as many hard copy texts from all the text books as required for distribution to students and teachers.

Making the CD available on a password protected internal network or website. It can be presented as a disc image that can be duplicated as a CD for students or it's contents accessed directly for convenient use in the classroom, such as showing movies and running applications.

Duplicating the CD, as needed for distribution to the students, who then have the option to print or view PDFs, movies and use applications on their own personal computers.

What the site license doesn't allow: Obviously bad things, like making the material available off campus, commercially or for resale.

The total cost for a High School site license is $200 with no renewal fees or expiration date.

The total cost for a College or University site license is $400 with no renewal fees or expiration date.

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