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The Physics2000 CD contains the complete Physics2000 introductory physics text with 20 movies, the complete Calculus2000 calculus text, the Charges2000 voltage and field plotting program, TrueBASIC Bronze and Free versions, and a short Caribbean cookbook.

On the CD, the Physics2000 text is in a single 1123 page Acrobat™ file. Creating this file pushed the capabilities of Adobe Acrobat™, but that allowed us to take advantage of Acrobat’s powerful linking features. For example, each entry in the 44-page index is linked directly to its corresponding text page. Using Acrobat’s weblike back arrow, you can search through multiple entries of an index topic in a matter of seconds. You might think that a 1123 page Acrobat file would require a lot of memory to run. It doesn’t! The file requires only a small amount of memory (less than 7 meg) to run on Macintosh, Windows, and Unix machines.

Linked to the text are twenty movies including the 36-minute motion picture on time dilation of the muon lifetime, the newsreel footage of the Tacoma Narrows bridge collapse, and various physics demonstrations. The demonstrations are of a bicycle wheel gyroscope, the conservation of angular momentum, Brownian motion, electron beams deflected by or focused by magnetic fields, and some short ripple tank movies. The time dilation movie provides the experimental background for our discussion of Special Relativity in Chapter 1. True BASIC on the CD lets one run the various BASIC computer programs that appear in the text.

To run the Acrobat files, you need Acrobat™ Reader 4.0 (or Acrobat™ 4.0), or later, installed on your computer. Earlier versions of Acrobat, such as Reader 3.0 cause problems with links and do not print equations correctly. (If the pictures do not appear, you may be using Reader 2.0). An installer for a late version of Acrobat™ Reader is included on the Physics2000 CD.

To run the movies, you need Apple’s QuickTime™ 4.0 or later, and a fast computer. An installer for QuickTime!" 5.0 is provided on the CD. The reason you need a fast computer is that the movies are highly compressed using sophisticated compression techniques, and must be decompressed as they are being played. If the computer is not fast enough, the movies will be jerky. On the Macintosh side, the movies play well using an iMac, an iBook or later computer, but are jerky on a machine as late as a Mac 9500. Recent 500 megacycle Windows machines run the movies well.

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While it is convenient to use the Acrobat links while sitting at the computer, a printed version is more convenient for general reading. You can print your own color version directly from the CD. Both Part 1 & Part 2 are available through

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